II International Scientific Conference Industry 4.0



  • Innovative manufacturing processes and systems: machining, grinding, electrochemical machining (ECM), electrical discharge machining (EDM), laser machining (LBM), hybrid methods, plastic processing and casting, additive manufacturing methods.
  • Automation and robotization of production processes and systems – autonomous robots.
  • Simulation of production processes and systems.
  • IT systems in production engineering: artificial intelligence, software integration, industrial Internet, cloud platforms, cybersecurity.

  • Energy and waste management in industry.
  • Bionics – as a source of innovation in Industry 4.0.
  • Transport and logistics in production systems.
  • Mechatronics in production engineering.

Scientific Committee of the Conference

Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference –Professor Ph.D Eng Józef Gawlik

Professor Ph.D Eng Adam Ruszaj
Professor Ph.D Eng Bogusław Cieślikowski
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Zenon Jabłoński
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Sławomir Kowalski
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Grzegorz Przydatek
Assoc. prof. Phd.Eng. Narcis BARSAN “Vasile Alecsandri”
University of Bacau – Romania

Professor Ph.D Eng Ryszard Barcik
Professor Ph.D Eng Grzegorz Budzik
 Professor Ph.D Eng Jan Burek,
Professor Ph.D Eng Krzysztof Chmielowski
Professor Ph.D Eng Piotr Cichosz
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Józef Ciuła
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Mariusz Cygnar
Professor Ph.D Eng Piotr Cyklis
Professor Ph.D Eng Lucjan Dąbrowski
Prof. Anjali DeSilva – Glasgov Caledonial University
Professor Ph.D Eng Wit Grzesik
Professor Ph.D Eng Janusz Jakóbiec
Professor Ph.D Eng Eugeniusz Koda
Professor Ph.D Eng Jerzy Korostil
Professor Ph.D Eng Janusz Kowal
Professor Ph.D Eng Andrzej Kolasa
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Jerzy Langman
Professor Ph.D Eng Stanisław Legutko
Professor Ph.D Eng Tadeusz Markowski
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Zbigniew Matuszak
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Stanisław Młynarski
Assoc. prof.Ph.D Eng Piotr Niesłony
Professor Ph.D Eng Kazimierz A. Orłowski
Professor Ph.D Eng Marian Partyka
Professor Ph.D Eng Stanisław Płonka
Ph.D Eng Bartosz Powałka
Professor Ph.D Eng Włodzimierz Przybylski
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Witold Przygoda
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Stanisław Pytel
Prof. Joel Rech – University of Lyon France
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Andrzej Ryniewicz
Professor Ph.D Eng Sebastian Skoczypiec
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Andrzej Sobczyk
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Eng Roman Stryczek
Professor Ph.D Eng Zbigniew Ślipek
Assoc. prof. Ph.D Beata Detyna

Organizational information


400 EUR – cost of participation

180 EUR – the cost of online participation

310 EUR – cost of participation for PhD student

The conference also includes a poster and e-poster session. The author or co-author cannot be treated as an accompanying person. The fee does not include accommodation. The organizers of the Conference must be notified of the payment to the account. As part of the Conference, the possibility of free publication in the collective monograph – Publishing House of the University of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz was made available to those interested. Papers prepared for the conference may be submitted for publication by the participants in the normal publishing procedure.


Payments for the conference should be made to the following bank account number:

88 1130 1150 0012 1289 3420 0006
Bank Gospodarki Krajowej Region Małopolski
ul. Promienistych 1
31-481 Kraków
SWIT: GOSKPLPW (for foreign payments)


Accommodation for conference participants

For PhD students Hotel of the University of Applied Sciences


For other participants, Hotel Ibis



Conference calendar

31.12.2023 – application with title and abstract of the paper
15.01.2024 – payment of the conference fee
31.01.2024 – sending the full text of the paper





Archives of Foundry Engineering – 100 points, *


Tribology – 70 points, *


a monograph of the Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences Applied in Nowy Sącz – 20 points.


Journal of Engineering, Energy and Informatics


– conference materials

* publication pays extra, year of publication 2024



The official languages of the conference are: polish and english.



Articles should be submitted in english, after the abstract has been approved by the scientific committee.



Conference Secretariat

Faculty of Engineering Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz

st. Zamenhofa 1a 

Nowy Sącz 33-300

phone: +48 18 547 29 08

e-mail: office@isci40.org

Communicat No. 3